Current Season

L’Etoile Auditions

Wednesday, September 2, starting at 3:30PM
Snell Theater

A pianist will be available to play, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Audition Requirements:

Make sure to select pieces that help us to imagine you in this production!
2 arias/songs from memory. At least one must be in French and one must be an aria from an opera or operetta.

A joke (no one-liners) or short humorous monologue/story from memory

Plot Summary

King Ouf seeks a subject to execute for his annual birthday present. What he gets is a day of deception, confusion and inane antics!

Cast of Characters

King Ouf I, tenor

Ambassador Herisson Porc-Epic, baritone

Aloes, his wife, mezzo soprano

Tapioca, his secretary, tenor

Laoula, a princess from another kingdom disguised as Porc-Epic’s wife, soprano

Lazuli, a poor pedlar, mezzo trouser

Sirocco, royal astrologer, bass-baritone


Ladies in Waiting/Courtiers

Oasis, soprano

Asphodèle, soprano

Youka, soprano

Adza, alto

Zinna, alto

Koukouli, alto


Patacha, tenor

Zalzal, bass

Chief of Police, speaking