Current Season

A Letter to East 11th Street (Hennessy & Campbell)
An intimate one-opera that affirms, with wit and pathos, the enduring bonds of love, as it charts the impact of the AIDS epidemic on two best friends—first in the early years of the disease and then 10 years later. In 1989, Rick Driscoll, a young man with AIDS, has returned to the suburban house in which he grew up and videotapes a letter to his best friend and former roommate, Susan. A decade later, Susan muses on all that has happened since Rick’s death, and toasts her best friend. (70 minutes)

Rick: tenor
Jazz Interlude: Coloratura Soprano
Susan: soprano

In a Mirror, Darkly (Weiss & Magee)
Each act of In a Mirror, Darkly is a complete story of a woman artist, but each is set in a different era and in a different location. In each act the mirror into which each woman peers anxiously is a harbinger of her doom. Similarly, each story reflects large issues related to its era. In Act II, the conflict is between Victorian values and artistic license. Elaine, a painter and assistant in Lantier’s Paris studio, works in secret on her own work. Later, Lantier signs his own name to the painting, expecting that it will revive his faltering reputation. (approx. 35 min)

Elaine: lyric soprano
Lantier: lyric baritone
Jacques: lyric tenor
Moira: mezzo-soprano

The Fox & the Pomegranate, Act I (Frey & Kushner)
Act I takes place in a grove yielding many different fruits. A seductive and mysterious young man named Aril delivers a cryptic omen before seducing Nate, a gender-fluid individual, who has betrayed his lover, Meg. This allegorical opera explores the multifaceted nature of love, the fluidity of gender roles and the nuances of infidelity. (approx. 30 min)

Meg: soprano
Nate: mezzo-soprano (will play both a man and a woman)
Aril: lyric tenor
animals in the forest: non-speaking movers/dancers

* * *

Spring 2015: Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss, II.
Since Dr. Graham will be on sabbatical leave that semester, we are in the process of securing a guest director for this production. We anticipate holding auditions at the end of the fall 2014 semester. More info TBA next fall.

2 pieces from memory: one in German and one in English (one should be an operatic aria). Both selections should reflect the style and/or mood of the opera.

We anticipate that the dialogue will be in English and the music sung in both German and English (not at the same time, of course :)

Eisenstein: tenor
Rosalinda: lyric soprano
Adele: coloratura soprano
Ida: lyric mezzo or soprano
Alfred: tenor
Dr. Falke: baritone
Dr. Blind: tenor
Frank: baritone
Prince Orlofsky: mezzo trouser role
Yvan: speaking
Frosh: speaking (major comic scene for this character)
Chorus of Party-goers SATB